Tutor Excellence Award

In September Nola Skey was awarded the 2022 Tutor Excellence Award by the State U3A body called Network Victoria. She was one of eight that received the award. The local U3A – Alpine U3A submitted her nomination. Alpine U3A officially presented Nola with her certificate at Friday’s Coffee Morning/Guest Speaker event held on 4th November 2022 at the Senior Citizens Centre.


Nola has been awarded this Tutor Excellence Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Alpine U3A activities as a tutor for four different exercise classes each week for the past 12 years. Her two Stretch, Pilates and a Gym class, based on attendance, are the most popular activities conducted by Alpine U3A. Her classes are fun. 

Nola adapts her classes to cater for the differing fitness levels and abilities by working at an easy pace on the floor, using chairs and getting members to assist other class members as required. 

Her concern for class members’ health and fitness did not stop because of COVID restrictions where she adapted to ZOOM video conferencing technology by providing classes in members’ own homes.

She has also been a valuable committee member organising interesting and informative guest speakers for our monthly coffee morning meetings for six years. 

Nola is a fitness enthusiast and an inspiring role model for all older people, both female and male.