U-MAS – Membership & Enrolment

Dear Alpine U3A Member

As mentioned in the Alpine U3A News emailed on 28th February ’21, we have introduced a new Membership Management System (U-MAS) which works in conjunction with our website <www.alpineu3a.org.au>. 50% of Victorian U3A’s use this system.

The new system (U-MAS) is linked to the website and will allow you to view your details and enrol in courses online. It has the details of members such as contact details (as provided when originally enrolling with a paper copy of the membership form) and subsequently added by the Administrator into the System. The system generates a membership number as well.

Further information about how to access it will be emailed to you soon.

You will have access to your own details and have the capacity to update the information. You will have the option to enrol in courses, and we will have quick access to data such as membership numbers, enrolments lists, etc., for easier membership management, funding applications and so on.

We will keep you updated and informed.

Also, visit our website <www.alpineu3a.org.au> and check out the ‘Latest News’ via the Posts that appear at the bottom of the Home Page or the Menu Bar item.

Note — those members without an email address and not able to use a computer will be able to use a manual method of enrolment. We only have seven such members.

Paul L’Huillier

Mob: 0400 056 247

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